General Philosophy

The definition of Loco is generally accepted as crazy and that's exactly the kinds of sports projects we aim to support at Project LoCo. Supporting projects that make a difference, are a little off-center, and generally don't fall within the award parameters of conventional grants. Project LoCo grants (ranging from $500-$1000) are intended to enhance under-served sports programs within Boulder County. Special focus will be given to schools, homeless, elderly, and humanitarian groups in historically underutilized business areas.


General requirements for eligibility include sports programs in at-risk areas and other athletic programs supporting the groups captured in our general philosophy. Grants are available to small organizations that can maximize the benefits from our micro-grants. Grants can be used for services or supplies but in the end must showcase how these needs are unique (a little LoCo).

Application Requirements:

Applying organizations must provide sports activities for youth, elementary school to high school aged, adults or to the elderly. 

Active play-based sports programs and projects for K-12 students in low-and moderate-income communities. Projects should foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration and impacts the overall vitality of the communities.Programs that focus on using active play to help people develop cognitive, social, and emotional learning skills to become vibrant and productive citizens in low-and moderate-income communities.

Examples of structured sports activities include but are not limited to: (1) Regular lesson plans/sports training schedule; (2) An after school and/or seasonal physical education curriculum; (3) After school and/or seasonal exercise programs; and a variety of other comparable sports programming.

A Program / Project Grant is given to support a specific, connected set of activities, with a beginning and an end, explicit objectives and a predetermined cost. Highly effective and innovative programs that meet the focus areas are considered.

Organizations must have a written policy that addresses its commitment to keeping its participants safe from sexual abuse by preventing, recognizing, and responding to situations both on and off the playing field that in any way compromises their safety. (policy must be provided to Project LoCo upon request)

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

Project LoCo grant program will NOT provide funding for:

- Fraternal organizations, merchant associations, chamber memberships or programs

- Private foundations

- Fundraising events 

- Organizations that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability, marital status, genetic information, veteran status, or other factors that are protected by law

- Programs operated by religious organizations for religious purposes

- Political organizations or organizations designed primarily to lobby

- Individuals, including those seeking scholarships or fellowship assistance

- Travel and related expenses, including student trips and tours

- Deficit reduction

Funding is focused for Boulder County Colorado.

Pre-Application Information:

Application Cycle:

Application Period: March 20 - May 1, 2019

Contact Information:

Grant Submission and Inquiries:

Reporting Requirements:

In addition to the application requirements (please see above) grantees are required to submit annual grant reports at the conclusion of their grant term/funding cycle. Each grant term is contingent on the awarded project, and grantees are required to include their annual reporting with each new grant proposal submitted.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions in your GRANT REPORT each grant cycle:

  • What was the demographic/geographical area served by the Project LoCo funded program

  • How many individuals benefited from the Project LoCo funded program

  • Please describe in detail the sport(s) and educational components of the programming

  • Please give examples, if any, of areas that have been identified for improvement

  • Provide examples of participants successes including improved test scores and GPAs, etc.

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